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Typical RV Service Contracts
7 months ago


RV Service Technicians assess, diagnose, repair, or refurbish recreational vehicles such as travel trailers. Some RV Service Technicians are specialized in RV and motorhome maintenance. Others are trained in all facets of motorhomes and RV Service technicians are needed to support and repair equipment, such as heaters, air conditioning units, generators, amplifiers and GPS/radios. Many RV Service Technicians are also trained to work on RVs and motorhomes towing large trailers or tow cars. They are also trained to diagnose and repair any mechanical, electrical or plumbing problem that might occur with the RV and its parts.


RV Service technicians should be trained and licensed by the Institute of Hospital Equipment and Training (IHET) to perform non-emergency medical procedures. IHET trains certified technicians who have completed a one-year certificate course in hospital equipment and one-year approved hands-on training. Once you are certified by IHET, you can work as a Certified Automotive Service Technician (CAT) in a specialty area of your choice. There are many areas where Certified Automotive Service Technicians can work including:


The cost of RV service contracts varies from state to state. Some areas have a minimum yearly fee, while others don't. Be sure to compare the annual fee or rate per hour for your state of residence with that of an RV service contractor's rates to determine the best overall deal. Some places charge more if repairs need to be made. This is especially true for larger or more complex recreational vehicles. You can read more about RV repairs or view here for more tips on hiring RV technicians.


For larger or more complex RV repairs, many states require RV owners to use RV mechanics or specialty RV service contractors. Specialty RV service departments handle larger or more complicated RV repairs including RV electrical systems, structural integrity, custom trailer and Class A motorhomes. If you have special needs, or your RV comes with special equipment or machinery, you may need help. You should plan to pay for this service through your RV insurance company or a specialty RV repair shop. Many states allow RV owners to use only a RV mechanic or RV service department.


Typical RV service contracts usually cover routine maintenance and minor repairs like oil changes. However, there are also specialty services that you may need if your RV has specialized equipment or machinery. Common examples are an air conditioning or heating technician. A qualified, experienced and licensed air conditioning and heating technician can check and change compressors, find leaks, change filters, inspect for cracks, and perform other necessary maintenance tasks on your recreational vehicle. He will also be able to make recommendations for equipment or products that will help keep your RV cool in warm weather conditions. A qualified and licensed plumbing or drain plumbing technician can make necessary repairs or installations on your RV or towable equipment.


Specialty RV service contracts often cover high-end or specialized equipment. For example, a specialty RV service contract often covers diagnostics on electrical or electronic equipment installed on your recreational vehicles. Specialty RV service contracts usually cover repairs, maintenance, and installations on a personal watercraft such as hot tubs, sports boats, sailboats, powerboats, snowmobile units, jet skis, and more. These specialized RV service contracts are designed to keep your RV well-maintained while you travel, and to protect the investment you made in your recreational vehicles. You can read more on this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOLT2WwbgC8

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